Tips to Buy the Perfect iPhone Case

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There is practically no one who carries their iPhone or iPad without a cover, doing so is a great pleasure because you enjoy good design, but you run the risk of being unprotected against a fall or blow. And no matter how careful one is, there are circumstances in which we cannot prevent our device from ending up on the ground.

iPhone Case

Because you don’t have to be a big hand, the iPhone slipping out of your hands can happen to anyone. Without a cover, it is more than likely that a souvenir mark will remain, or that the screen will be cracked. Today we are going to provide the keys to choose a good cover and avoid disappointment.

Keys to choosing a cover well

Do not hurt

Once you are clear that you need a cover, do not go to the first bazaar on the corner for an inexpensive cover that does not protect well. Your iPhone is a very expensive device, and if you are skimping on a case, bad business. This is not to say that expensive covers are the best and that there are no inexpensive covers that perfectly fit. Find a good balance between protection and price.

What are my characteristics as a user?

A climbing instructor or construction worker will need a cover with special protection. A retired person will need something else, and a windsurfing instructor will also have to buy a waterproof cover. Each user has their own needs, assess them before launching into anything.

A? Better several

Fortunately, there are cases that are very competitively priced, so we can consider having several. With this you avoid the boredom of always going with the same one, it will seem that you are using a new phone every time you change.


Note that there is a case for each iPhone, check it as obvious as it may seem. However, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases, in addition to their Plus versions, are compatible with each other.

At the time of choosing

Check that there is no part that is left unprotected, some of them leave the bottom of the iPhone or iPad, that of the charging connector, speaker and microphone unprotected. The more complete it is, the better. There are those that cover the buttons, they can be an interesting option.

As for materials, the preferences and tastes of each come into play here. Leather cases feel very warm to the touch and tend to age very well, becoming even prettier as time goes on. The silicone ones age worse since they tend to peel at the edges. Clear gels tend to yellow over time. The wooden ones are very nice, but you can get bored soon. Therefore, we go back two points: two are always better than one.

Book type? Standard case? Sock?

It depends on your needs. If you are not into looking at the iPhone much, perhaps with a sock type you have enough and do not hide the design of the iPhone when you use it. The book-type ones offer good protection but are usually uncomfortable when talking or taking a photo. The standard ones are perhaps the most off-road and complete, they protect all essential parts and usually prevent the screen from contacting the ground in case of impact. Very important to take into account if there are children at home, if this is your case, look for the best possible resistance.