2020 Podcast Stats & Facts


During the first months of the year, coinciding with the lockdowns, the growth of podcasts has been dizzying. We review the sector with figures. One of the forms of online entertainment that are gaining more followers, going more unnoticed than streaming series and movies, is podcasts. In recent years her number of followers has increased. And in the first months of 2020, when the most severe confinements took place, the faithful multiplied even more. The growth of podcasts from the beginning of the year to the month of May offers relevant data on the sector.


In a report that collects exhaustive information on the state of the global market, the technology provider for podcast producers Voxnest puts the first months of the year in figures. Interesting data is extracted from the document. In Italy and Spain, the countries where lockdowns occurred before, the consumption of these programs grew by 29% and 25% respectively.

In terms of devices, the computer increased as a listening medium by 58%. Mobile phones and tablets were used 32% more, television 28% and smartwatches 11%. Another category measured by the report is smart speakers. Podcast growth on these devices was 11%. These smart speakers offer facilities to consume this type of content, such as Movistar Home, which contains a wide catalogue of podcasts thanks to iVoox.

The Podcasts in Countries

The growth of podcasts in Spain was uneven. There were categories that increased their listeners exponentially. Science programs were listened to 569% more, while health and fitness programs were up 343%. The third most popular category was political, with an increase in listening by 216%. It is followed by society and culture, with an increase of 175% and comedy podcasts, which grew 166%.

There are a lot of categories that fall short of this top 5. They probably got rises too, but more modest. By the way, one of the types of podcasts that has become the most fashionable in recent times has been those that delve into the series. Streaming has so many followers that the most faithful of some series want to know more. The production companies have chosen the podcast format to tell more about the plot, the characters or the filming. They are like a kind of gift for fans.

Regarding the creation of podcasts, the languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat have grown the most have been Portuguese and Spanish. Content in Portuguese increased by 103%, until May. A 94% increase had the programs created in the language of Cervantes.

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