Apps to open ZIP and RAR archives

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Compressed files save space and allow you to store photos or documents in a single file. To view its content, we propose several Android options. Despite the fact that we have high-speed Internet connections and devices with much greater storage capacity than computers of a few decades ago, we continue to use compressed files, a legacy of a time when every byte mattered.

Apps to open ZIP and RAR

And it is that ZIP and RAR files, to name the most popular, are used for many things. First, to save disk space. Second, to protect files with a password. And third, to transport an indeterminate number of files within a single file that you can send by WhatsApp, by email or upload to Google Drive. So if you need to open compressed files on your Android tablet or phone, we offer you four examples of free applications to open the most popular formats, ZIP, RAR and more.


As a compressed file manager, 7Zipper offers support for many formats: 7Z, ZIP, RAR, ALZ, TAR, JAR, LZH… It also allows you to decompress divided files.

But it is also that this application acts as a file manager. That is, you can see your songs, photos, videos, applications and documents that you save on your Android. For this, it has an image and text viewer.

As a curiosity, 7Zipper incorporates FTP and HTTP support. In short, an all-in-one to access your files.


If you only need a simple Android application with which to open ZIP and RAR files, with AZIP you will have more than enough.

Its job is that, extract the content of compressed ZIP and RAR files to the location of your choice. In addition, you can organize the compressed files themselves.

AZIP , in addition to decompressing, also acts as a compressor, so you can create your own ZIP and RAR with the content you decide. It even supports ZIP and RAR files with password.


For those who need to compress and decompress files, WhizZip does both: create RAR and ZIP archives with the content you select and extract the content of your ZIP and RAR files.

Thus, from the same application, you will be able to see the inside of compressed files that you receive on your phone or that you download from the Internet. And at the same time, you yourself will be able to facilitate the sending of documents by packaging them in ZIP and RAR.


Also specialized in ZIP and RAR, Zipify makes it easy for you to open compressed files, share them, change their name and extract their content to your Android phone.

Along with the decompression task, you can also compress documents or files into a single ZIP or RAR from the Android application itself.

Zipify is also useful for viewing the contents of your smartphone and navigating through folders and subfolders.