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Ask your representatives a question

Join online town halls hosted by your representatives. Ask them anything. See what your representatives have to say.

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Give instant feedback to your representatives

Tell your representatives how they are doing in real-time. No need to wait until election day to give them a thumbs down.

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Start a discussion on pressing issues

Draw attention on issues that affect your community. Connect and mobilize like-minded citizens to make a difference. All users are carefully verified.

A new way to engage - anytime, anywhere

Given the demands of modern life, most of us don’t have time and resources to attend public town meetings for hours regularly. For those who do, they seem to be louder and crankier. Agora makes it easy for the rest of us to chime in.

Your ideas matter!

Share your ideas and knowledge about issues that matter to you. Ask a question and see what your neighbors and representatives have to say. Take part in real-time polls to have a voice in your community – quick and easy.

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"Our votes only matter on election day but our voices can matter every day."

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Don’t miss out on important discussions

Receive updates and alerts about trending topics and community events. Never miss a chance to speak up about the next big decision that affects you.

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Elsa Sze


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