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Agora is the easiest way for you to directly talk to civic and government leaders in your community.
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People use Agora to...

Make their voice heard by leaders of the community

Discover trending issues bubbling up in the community

Connect with people who care about similar issues

Raise awareness about issues that affect their community

Crowdsource solutions with other community members

Learn more about the context and facts of complex issues

Decisions Are Made By People Who Show Up

But not all of us can regularly spend hours in townhall meetings – like at 4PM on a Wednesday.

It's not fair

... that a small group of people who have the means to show up get to decide for the rest of us.

What is Agora?

Show up anytime, anywhere

Agora townhalls are open 24/7. Find out what's going on in the community and chime in anytime, anywhere. All at your fingertips.

Somebody listens

Actually, not just somebody. Agora townhalls are hosted by civic and government leaders who commit to listening to all viewpoints. Your voice is heard, instantly.

For real (name)

No one would wear a paper bag over their head to attend townhall meetings (awkward). So why should online townhalls be anonymous?
Agora's algorithm runs a rigorous 10-point check using public data to verify our users' identities. We're bringing back civility in public discourse. Trolls – adios!

"Our Votes Only Matter On Election Day. But Our Voices Can Matter Every Single Day."

Watch our founder Elsa talks about her personal mission to make democracies around the world more democratic.

Watch this 4-minute video to learn about Agora's origin at this Harvard Demo Day presentation.

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